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Baby Moves® believes that movement is the first language and one that all babies use and current research into child development is showing that increasing a child’s movement will give them the best start in their lives and education. Our programme is designed to stimulate each baby’s unique all-round development and supports the links which exist between the brain and the body.

The Baby Moves® Journey – What is Baby Moves®?

Baby Moves® is an "Award Winning" unique physical development, music and sensory programme suitable from birth.

The baby and toddler is the heart of everything we do.

Our child centred Baby Moves® and Toddler Moves® programmes respect how babies grow and develop, and follows this growth at the baby’s own pace rather than being imposed upon them by adults. Baby Moves® links the latest neurological brain research and theories of child development with simple activities which support all those who work with babies from birth.


The programme has now been recognised nationally and is being used within nurseries, pre-schools, early years settings, museums, gyms and soft play centres. The Baby Moves® and Toddler Moves® programmes are fully linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS); the national guidelines and requirements for all those working with babies and children under five years in England and Wales, and are compatible with Education Scotland’s Pre-birth to Three curriculum.

Mission statement: Giving every baby the best start!

How Baby Moves® Can Help Support Your Nursery

Baby Moves® and Toddler Moves® programmes develop the children’s learning journeys by:

• Sensory Massage
• Movement and physical development skills
• Sensory and creative play
• Social and emotional skills
• Speech and language
• Visual tracking linked to the early years for reading and writing

• Supports the Early Years Foundation Stage, particularly the prime areas of learning and development, a downloadable tracker will help you to guide and evaluate each child through the EYFS.
• Parents feel confident when looking for the right nursery for their child that the Baby Moves® programme is delivered in the setting and staff are qualified Baby Moves® Early Years Developmental Movement Practitioners.

Baby Moves®

Baby Moves® celebrates how wonderful babies are and how ready they are to engage with the big wide world. Baby Moves® is a multi-sensory physical development and music programme especially designed for babies from birth to when they just begin to toddle. Giving opportunities for communication between adults and babies and between one baby and another, with plenty of time for physical development. We show you how to provide a sensory message, sensory activities, physical development activities and plenty of ideas for communication.

Toddler Moves®

We like to celebrate how active and terrific toddlers are, and provide a special Toddler Moves® programme just for them following on from Baby Moves®. Based upon the natural developmental movement patterns of small children and traditional British nursery rhymes we give each toddler the opportunity to move, talk, play and explore within their own special environment which we show you how to create for yourself.

You may also upgrade your Baby Moves® programme to include Toddler Moves®, with an extra training day for your staff.

National and International Baby Moves® Training

What you will receive:

• Full licence to use the Baby Moves® and Toddler Moves® brand names, artwork and logos.
• Staff will qualify as fully trained Baby Moves® Early Years Developmental Movement Practitioners. Training can be held at your setting.
• Baby Moves® resource kit with music, resources and downloadable session plans, with over 150 additional interchangeable workshop activity ideas and multi-sensory experiences to support your set programmes. The training will give you the skills to use these interchangeable ideas.
• Our downloadable tracker will help you to guide and evaluate each child through the EYFS curriculum.

Our Baby Moves® advisory team will support and help you in delivering the programme.

• Social media promotions for your nursery.
• Continuous professional support and advice from our Baby Moves® advisory and support team.


For information on bookings and costs, please contact

Thinking of investing in new equipment for your nursery?

Check out our award-winning Moves Neuro Gym®!

The Baby and Toddler Moves Neuro Gym® is based upon the latest neurological research in children’s brain development and research into how babies and children grow and develop from birth to three years. The uniqueness and success of the Baby and Toddler Moves® programmes and the Baby Moves® equipment has been due to this.

The award-winning Baby Moves Neuro Gym® is used both nationally and internationally.

The especially developed Neuro Gym® equipment has been designed by the Baby Moves® team to optimise the development of the baby and toddler.

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“The babies and toddlers look forward to the Baby Moves® sessions, they provide the children with a quiet and relaxing period which stimulates the senses which helps the children with their overall development - especially language and communication and physical.”
Gemma Studley, Small World Nursery, Rochdale.

“The Baby Moves®, Toddler Moves® and other programmes have a high take up and promote parents understanding of child development and develops home-based activities that they can do with their children. The centre provided a good range of services. Well planned activities like Baby Moves® and Toddler Moves® are helping parents to enjoy parenthood.”
Stockport Central Children’s Centre Ofsted Report.

“At Educare for Early Years “Baby Moves®” is an essential part of baby life in our nurseries. We have adapted the baby daily routines to involve Baby Moves® aspects throughout the day. As an Early Years Professional I can see the huge benefits this is having on the babies in our settings and we can clearly observe their development in all areas of learning, in particular the three prime areas.”
Sarah Hodson (Early Years Professional), Educare for Early Years, Bury