Here at Baby Moves we like to celebrate how active and terrific toddlers are and provide a special Toddler Moves programme and environment especially for them. Toddlerhood is a distinct phase between being a baby and a preschool child, and it is at this stage that they are beginning to develop their movement skills and explore what their bodies can do.

It is also during this time that toddlers begin to learn a sense of self and their place in their world, learning about other people and developing relationships, alongside their increasing use of spoken and non verbal language. Also Toddler Moves recognises that toddlers have distinct patterns of play called play schemas and provide opportunities within the environment for these patterns of play to be explored.

Following on from Baby Moves, the Toddler Moves programme is based upon these natural developmental movement patterns and traditional British Nursery Rhymes and gives the toddler the opportunity to move, talk, play and explore within their own special environment, which the training will show you how to create for yourself.

The Toddler Moves and Kinder Moves programmes are based upon Sherborne’s Developmental Movement, which recognises that young children have two basic needs. Firstly to feel at home in their bodies, and to develop body awareness and spatial awareness, and secondly to become aware of others and develop their relationships and communication.