Following on from Baby Moves and Toddler Moves, our Kinder Moves programme encourages the developing child as they grow into a pre-schooler.  Encouraging a greater range of physical movements, more opportunities to play and develop relationships as well as increasing communication and the beginnings of literacy.

As with the Toddler Moves programme, Kinder Moves is based upon Sherborne’s Developmental Movement, which recognises that young children have two basic needs. Firstly to feel at home in their bodies, and to develop body awareness and spatial awareness, and secondly to become aware of others and develop their relationships and communication.

The programme explores the exciting, Practical Pre-school award winning ‘Dance Tales’, with story telling themed workshops and nursery rhymes linked to movement. They are a great way to introduce young children to literacy, language and communication, and creatively explore all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.