The award winning Baby Moves Neuro Gym  is based upon the latest neurological research which has revealed the importance of increasing babies and toddlers’ day to day physical development supporting their whole round learning. Baby Moves is fully linked to Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Baby Moves Neuro Gyms are successfully installed into many outstanding nurseries, so  why not give your nursery the prestige by investing in a Baby Moves Neuro Gym® and training within your setting or book onto your nearest workshop.



The programmes are linked to the latest neurological research and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We train practitioners working with babies and young children from birth to three years of age and deliver workshops to parents and babies across the UK. Baby Moves and Toddler Moves programme, workshops and resources are successfully being used nationally in nurseries, early years settings and schools. Settings who have trained and implemented the programme have successfully increased their nursery intake, OFSTED reports and parent groups.

The programme is also available to run as your own business. 

Recent UK figures show that children in the 4-5 age group, 9.5% are obese and 13.1% are overweight. This rises to 19.2% obese and 14.7% overweight in the 10-11 age group. (Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2013). There are no available figures for children under three years.

Encouraging babies and toddlers to move more has been proven to help develop skills such as bonding, attachment, communication and language. Helping young children to develop physically has the added benefit of raising parents and early years professionals awareness of reducing childhood obesity. The earlier this problem is addressed the better.